Hey! I’m Jordan aka Jordan M Sport

So I am one part of Silver Fern Focus, Along side our other talented photographer Gemma.

I am the newer one to sports/action photography of us, Tho I have always had a passion for the type of Photography since way back living in NZ, I liked to spend more time on the pitch playing. But as my Kids have grown and i’m getting too old to be on the pitch I have slowly transitioned into action photography.

A bit more about me and how Jordan M Sport came to be

Firstly myself and my family are New Zealand born and bred. Brought up in the Mighty Manawatu which is where I first meet my amazing wife Becky.

Straight off the bat, without her, what I do would not be possible (as cliche as that sounds HAHA) but she really is the rock of the family, who is hard working and driven which allows our family  to pursue things like Jordan M Sport. So I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to follow my passion.

Myself, I’m a family man and with our 3 kids, Sports are a big part of our lives. Our Oldest Joseph is hugely into Football/Soccer which is a big reason I got into sports Photography after I finished my playing career. our middle child Dayne has paved his own way excelling at Basketball, which has been amazing and opened up a whole new sport for me to be involved with. Then our youngest “Princess” Bella who hasn’t yet found her sport, but loves dance and gymnastic.

I have always had a love for Landscape photography since growing up in NZ and all the amazing landscapes that was pretty much on our doorstep. That is what really got me into photography to start off and then my first DSLR camera purchase (with help from my Dad).

Then in 2012 we made the decision to move to Melbourne, we made the move to Carrum Downs and I started to play football at the local Skye United club, And spending most my weeks at Skye Reserve or on the off weekends spending time with the Family. I kind of let go of Photography for a while.

Jordan M Sport was born

As my boys got older and found themself playing more and more sports, And I was getting too old to keep playing sports. I picked up the camera again. Then upgraded to my Nikon D7200 to get the interest back along with a 70-200mm lens and started photographing the boys playing soccer.

As things progressed I started to include senior games and other teams, bringing me a wealth of learning experiences.

Then when Dayne decided he wanted to concentrate on Basketball, It again opened a whole new avenue for me to explore with photography, and learning how to photograph a sport which is primarily played in poorly lit gyms and not alot of light to use.

It has been a steep learning curve and I’m still learning EVERY TIME.

So from that I created the Jordan M Sport brand to keep all my different sports photograph separate from my landscapes, that was under the Jordan M Photography brand.

Now using the Jordan M Sport brand under the Silver Fern Focus umbrella, we look to improve, increase and build into the future.

Little Snap shot of my past works


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